LedFreeCream is no more!

With deep sadness and much regret, I must announce that LedFreeCream has ceased to be. Despite, superb reviews and the excellent reception we received at each of our 16 gigs, off stage disagreements proved to be too much to hold us together.

I feel privelleged to have played with Paul, Steve & Phil in this, what has been without doubt, the most exciting, rewarding, challenging and entertaining band I have ever been involved in. The audience reception to us has been unprecedented in my career and the band as a concept, a tribute to my (and many other people's) 3 favourite bands has been a huge success.

Unfortunately our individual expectations of the other band members off stage were poles apart and it is no longer possible for us to continue together.

Thank you all for your support over the last 7 months, it has been warmly appreciated by the four of us.

This web site will remain on-line as a reminder, especially for myself, of the incredible music we performed together.

With regrets

Stephen Clark (Bass)